Carbon Farming Law

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Moin Morris Schaefer is experienced in assisting our clients with negotiating and advising on carbon farming projects.  We understand farming and business and can guide you through the legal issues that are relevant for such projects.


We work with leading agricultural, ecological and tech/scientific advisors and consultants to provide the best outcome for your project.  We understand the legislation underpinning the sector.


We understand the types of concerns that arise and can address these with you, including:

  • What legal obligations and rights am I signing up for?

  • What are the legal risks and liabilities with soil carbon projects?

  • Is there any chance I can lose my ACCUs?  What do I have to do to remain entitled to the ACCUs?

  • Can I take advantage of rising prices in the carbon market? Or am I stuck with today’s prices for ACCUs?

  • Can I sell my land if I have a soil carbon project?

  • How will my bank view my carbon project?

  • What are the long term legal implications of this project?


 As a rurally based firm, we have considerable experience in matters involving farms and agricultural pursuits and act for major organisations in the sector.


We also work with our clients on sustainable energy projects such as wind farming agreements and solar farming projects.

For more information, please contact our solicitors from our carbon farming team: Greg Moin, Cameron Cowley, Georgina Lamond and Erin Grob.

Greg Moin

Principal Solicitor

Cameron Cowley

Special Counsel


Erin Grob



Georgina Lamond