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Dispute Resolution


Disputes are an inevitable part of life. From arguments over fences, to contractual issues between businesses and claims relating to accidents, we can be affected by these problems at one time or another.


Moin Morris Schaefer offer comprehensive, practical advice relating to disputes, including:


  • Negligence claims;

  • Contractual disputes;

  • Disputes over estates and wills;

  • Commercial litigation;

  • Fencing and neighbour issues;

  • Employment disputes and industrial relation issues.


We also provide mediation services through our trained mediators, who can help you resolve your dispute without the cost and time of going to Court.

MMS_June 2019 001.jpg

Chelsea Schaefer

Principal Solicitor


Nadine Maloney


Greg Moin

Principal Solicitor

MMS_June 2019 011.jpg

Richard Morris

Principal Solicitor

Emillie (2).png

Emillie Reynolds

Principal Solicitor

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Candice Thompson



Georgina Lamond


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