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Estate Planning Bulletin #1

3 March 2017

Detailed analysis of complex estate planning issues

Estate Planning Bulletin #2

1 May 2017

Special bulletin: SMSFs and asset protection

Estate Planning Bulletin #3

8 June 2017

Discretionary trust issues and informal wills

Estate Planning Bulletin #4

16 August 2017

Capacity and trust splitting

Estate Planning Bulletin #5

10 October 2017

Testamentary trust control and family provision claims involving bare paternity

Estate Planning Bulletin #7

28 May 2018

Estate Plans and proposed changes to legislation relating to powers of attorney and enduring guardians

Estate Planning Bulletin #9

28 August 2018

Firm update, Wills in a Technological Age and estates that are "Accidentally British".

Estate Planning Bulletin #6

7 Febuary 2018

Foreign/international Wills and drafting issues for specific gifts

Estate Planning Bulletin #8

June 2018

Downsizing and estate planning, limits on family provision claims and the place for informal Wills.

Estate Planning Bulletin #10

13 February 2019

Firm update, options for blended families, misconceptions and family provision and lost Wills

Estate Planning Bulletin #11

10 April 2019

Absolute and Unfettered Discretion? (Re Marsella) Generous Attorneys, and Judicial Guidance for SMSFs!

Estate Planning Bulletin #12

10 September 2019

Trump is out to get you, Statutory Wills and Estate Planning - Whose job is it anyway?

Estate Planning Bulletin #13

14 February 2020

Hand amendments to Wills - Please no, and PCG, CGT & ATO - making life easier for accountants and advisors

Estate Planning Bulletin #14

8 May 2020

Family Court's latest brush with testamentary trusts, Breach of obligations and life interests & new stamp duty ruling for deceased estates

Estate Planning Bulletin #15

20 August 2020

Goldilocks Testamentary Trusts, Reimbursement agreements and testamentary trusts & Amendments to s102AG and testamentary trusts

Estate Planning Bulletin #16

21 October 2021

Corporate Appointors, Gift & Loan Backs & waiving limitation periods

We stand by all of the legal information on our website.  However it is important to understand that it is not legal advice for you.  Advice must be tailored to your circumstances, and every client’s circumstances are unique.  If you try to apply the above information to your circumstances it may not lead to the outcome you seek.  We would be most happy to provide tailored advice for you suited to your circumstances.   

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