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STEP team expands

Moin & Associates is very pleased to confirm that Richard Morris has now been admitted as a full member of the Society of Trust of Estate Practitioners (STEP). Of the 30,000 lawyers in NSW only about 190 have been admitted to this international body, recognising expertise in Wills, Trusts and Estates. Of the 190, there are only 9 outside of Sydney - and we have 2! ( Cameron Cowley being a member as well).

"Contesting a Will" is not new

Another high profile Estate and another claim on it by family of the deceased. The idea of a relative being able to "contest a will" may seem like a relatively new development in the law, but its actually been the case in NSW since 1916 (Testator Family Maintenance and Guardianship of Infants Act), and the concept itself can be traced right back to the Roman Empire, where courts could set wills that unjustly failed to provide for close relatives. In the UK the concept of "testamentary freedom" (being able to do whatever you wanted in your will without challenge) was king between 1540 and 1938, but in the colonies like NSW, and starting in NZ, the idea of varying or set aside a will because i

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