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MMS Briefs: Business law - Beware the lurking disclaimer clause

Indemnities and Disclaimers / Limitations of liability The riskiest clauses in your contract with your supplier / contractor / landlord / tenant are the indemnity and limitation of liability clauses (often called a disclaimer). Nearly all contracts have these clauses. What do those clauses do? In the indemnity clause you promise to pay compensation to the other party in your contract, if something goes wrong under the contract and that other party suffers loss. Often the promise is very broad, and covers all sorts of disasters that are not your fault. In the limitation of liability / disclaimer clause, it says that if the other party stuffs up, and you suffer loss, you promise you won’t su

Welcome Back Chloe!

You may have noticed a familiar face back at Moin Morris Schaefer this year - we have very pleased to have Chloe Harrison return to the firm, having graduated from the University of Sydney with a Juris Doctor degree. Chloe is currently completing her Practical Legal Training and is scheduled to be admitted as a lawyer in March 2020. Welcome back Chloe!

Charmain Graduates

Congratulations to our paralegal Charmain Woods, who recently blitzed her final units in the Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies) at Southern Cross University and has formally graduated. Charmain is continuing her study and is now undertaking a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with the intentional of practising as a solicitor in the future. Well done Charmain!

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