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Securing securities - what's the best?

When you make a loan, or a supplier or other person has a liability or debt to your business, it is important to ensure that you have a proper security to protect you, and to prevent you from being last in line to claim the debt owed to you. There are a range of security types available to consider, including personal guarantees, bank guarantees, bonds, insurance, a general security interest or a security interest over circulating assets (previously known as a fixed charge or a fixed and floating charge) or a mortgage. There are advantages and disadvantages of each security type. A bank guarantee or bond is nearly as good as cash (but there are important differences) but it is rare that you

MMS Briefs: Buying off the Plan

I am buying off the plan. How do I know what I am buying? Considerations Buying a home is often described as one of the most stressful times in your life. At the same time it can be exciting and completely nerve wracking. Most of us only buy a home a few times during our lives, if that. The banks, the agents and lawyers sometimes seem as though they are talking in a different language to the one that we thought we had mastered. But buying “off the plan” has a particular set of stresses! “Off the plan” purchases have received some adverse publicity of late because of “dodgy” developers and seemingly innocent buyers feeling that they have been ripped off. There is no doubt that an “

Random Abandon completes Shitbox Rally

Moin Morris Schaefer recently sponsored "Random Abandon" in the 2019 Shitbox Rally, which raised an impressive $2.3M for cancer research. Well done to Random Abandon and Mick & Deb Friend for completing the trip!

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