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Some big changes at Moin & Associates!

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I wish to inform you that Richard Morris and Chelsea Schaefer are joining me as owners of my legal practice on and from 16 July 2018. Both Richard and Chelsea have worked for me for over 5 years during which time I have seen their passion for law, their ethical behaviour as lawyers and their care for clients.

I am looking forward to working with Richard and Chelsea as my business partners for many years to come after being a sole principal for such a long time. This is a commitment I have given to Richard and Chelsea and one that I give to you too.

Richard, Chelsea and I felt that it was appropriate to change the name of the practice as it is no longer just me and my associates! The new name of the firm will be Moin Morris Schaefer.

While the ownership and the name of the legal practice has changed our offices and communication details are the same as are all of the familiar faces at the firm such as Cameron Cowley, Julie Parsons, Tammy Henshall, Trish Manttan, Liz Williams and Kate Simpson.

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